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Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Ghost recon multiplayer is inactive on the SW website at this time, however we intend to cater for Call of Duty4 and other popular FPS shooters.

Stay tuned for further information.
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
AH Dammit!
I was oxidentally cruising the non virtual web a few minutes ago and I crashed and burned in this place.
Serves a man right for taking off from XiangChow Province in Central, remotest China where the fuel they they put in my kite was fermented Yak Juice. It was actually vomiting when it hit the ground demolishing a row of mud huts.
I wa slucky, bailed out just in time for the shoot to develop, only broke one leg at the femur.

Bloody hard to climb rice trees to find a feed and no sheilas here to do it for me.

As I've been sitting here for four months, I pulled the computer down and got it running again, so If ya all nice to me I'll catch a boat home and see yuz all then.

All the best to Muzza, Duck and the odds and you grotty sods. What a team!

Unca Zacca
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
THE young feller, Joshua is off to Kapooka soon with the army.

Hee hee he's in for a surprise, they ain't as a nice his dad. He was banging some weights abround and has progressed to cinder blocks..

Told him to worry about that shit, he'll be doing 50 pushups every time he blinks, morning, noon and night.

(He doan believe it). And I'm back in touch with the rugged and buggered blokes from the Australian Commando Association, the 'Double Diamond' mob.

See yuz!
Posted by SW_MoJo (Member # 1) on :
Zac! Is it really you?

Welcome back !

Free beer [party12]
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Yep Mo and I'm back again! Again!. I'm having more returns than Dame Nelly Melba! The lad passed out of recruit training in Kapooka and now he's transferring his gear with the rest of his company to Singleton in NSW, a cold miserable
place I used to attend when I was in the Medical
Corps as a sergeant at 19 years old.
But the nurses were pretty and GREAT.
Posted by SW_Bohenry (Member # 15) on :
Hi ya Zacca ol mate, really good to see ya
dose this mean ya going to crank up GR again???


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