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Posted by SW_Mick (Member # 6) on :
Is it time for another one?
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
I've not recovered since the last one.
In fact, I still have nightmares about it.
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Seems Google Chrome likes to double-post.
I deleted this repeat of the above message..
Posted by SW_MoJo (Member # 1) on :
Games, alcohol, alcohol, dack (Bo lmao) alcohol, games, alcohol, alcohol

Dunno Mick, last time we had a pissup I ended up in A&E lmao

Could be an idea. who's up for it?
Posted by SW_Mick (Member # 6) on :
I'm in.

The "SW Games and Grog tour". I'll get the tshirts printed.

Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Could you do it on an offshore Island, like, er/um Tasmania or Fitzroy Island? That was me and Bo can't drive anywhere...let alone get lost.
Posted by SW_Bohenry (Member # 15) on :
LMAO,"Lost" It was only around the corner LOL
I'm in
We could do an offshore, me and Mick have good size boats, maybe Moreton Island, or Fraser Is, book a house, few beers, bit of fishing, " a search and rescue mission" lol ( just jokin )
whatever, count me in

Posted by SW_Mick (Member # 6) on :
OK, so are we going to get this happening. I vote for the Sunshine Coast, in the middle of everyone, and you can get connecting flights.

If not the Sunny Coast, them I suggest the Gold Coast, for the same reasons.

And I'm suggesting a date in July as it's out of holiday season.

So who's in?
Posted by SW_Bohenry (Member # 15) on :
Harvey bay / Torgue sounds like the go Mick
I've got a 7 seater Nissan with a bar lol
I'll get any of the boys traveling fron brizzy up there, ( Navman won't get me lost ) I hope
R we in for some wild water sports ??
I can just emagine the look on Zacca's face when he's looking at Pitchey flying through the air behind the 3 man tube of death lol [Smile]
Go the Pitchey " did I say that out aloud" lol
We had a lot of fun last time
If ya need any help Mick let me know

Posted by SW_Mick (Member # 6) on :
We need definite starters, and a suggestion of times suitable.
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Three man tube of death?? What the? is that??

Triple Toothpaste?
Triple gun barrels?
Lady triplets with attitudes?

Posted by SW_Bohenry (Member # 15) on :
lol if it comes together I'll show you bud
U can be in the middle, we'll put Pitch and Mo in the suicide seats LOL ( its water sports Zac )

any time good for me Mick
I think somewhere nice in Harvey bay area would be awesome

Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Don't wurry about me mate, I'll jist dust orf the ole parachute and whack! Straight in mate!.
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
Somebody's Colander os screwed up here, it's 2011 isn't it?? No, fair dinks..

Or have I missed something????

Zac the crack
Posted by SW Anzac (Member # 4) on :
GEEZ Mo, we missed out on a great marketing tool here. We should've invited the Queen around on
her birthday for a nosh and a few plonks with our best airmen.

Maybe she coulda bring around a bag of meddles. [Smile]

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